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Blue KC Patient Access API Developer Guide



The Patient Access API provides 3rd party applications with the ability to retrieve various member information from Blue KC, upon granted consent via the member. 3rd Parties can access our Patient Access API once they have completed the onboarding process, successfully connect with our Sandbox for data, then progressing to the production stage.

Patient Access API Endpoints

Technical Overview

The Patient Access API is required to be protected by the OpenID Connect flow of the OAuth 2.0 specification. This makes it harder for developers to access and test the API as they must present in the HEADER of the HTTP GET request the JWT. Prior to performing any development to access the Patient Access API the developer needs several things to help set up the project.

  1. Application Registration key/secret
  2. URL to initiate the authorization workflow (which includes the user authentication step)
  3. A list of return URLs that the identity provider will accept (which one is desired is passed in as part of the URL to start the flow to perform OIDC authorization)

Sandbox Access

Sandbox access is provided initially upon request and allows a developer to get started quickly. Sandbox access includes a member account with a specific set of data that can be validated against and provides complete functionality. Initial sandbox access includes an application key (unique GUID) and a return URL that can be localhost on any port.

Sandbox quick start

Production Access

Production access is requested after validating that access to the Patient Access API Sandbox environment is set and functioning well. Once set up and ready to move to production, contact the Blue KC representative who provided your development/sandbox access flow. A new URL containing the production authorization flow will be provided. Once those elements are provided and incorporated into the app the app should be fully capable of querying production data.

Additional Resources

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Getting Additional Help

Please respond to the email that was used to send your credentials and application id for sandbox access.