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Blue KC Interoperability Developer Portal


This webpage provides instructions for developers to learn how to connect to and consume the Patient Access API, Provider Directory API and Payer to Payer API. It also provides general information for compliance and business personnel to understand how Blue KC has implemented Interoperability rules from CMS.

If you're a Blue KC member or customer, please review our information for member education on Interoperability.


Pursuant to CMS Interoperability requirements we are providing instructions for app developers to access to the Patient Access, Provider Directory API and Payer to Payer API. For any questions or concerns about compliance please contact our compliance office.

Terms of Service

Compliance with and agreement to our Terms of Service is required to access and use Interoperability APIs. Our terms of service are compliant with data blocking and other CMS rules pertaining to access.

Per CMS Interoperability rules we can remove vendors and 3rd parties from access to our published APIs if they present a risk to Blue KC systems, data integrity, availability and security. Our Terms of Service deal with concerns about providing minimal protections of Blue KC assets from malicious or inadvertent harm.

Please review our Terms of Service

Requesting a Developer Account

Access to the Patient Access API requires a user account. To request an account for your users and to register your app please fill out this form.

You will be asked about privacy policies and which access is desired for your application

Access Request Form